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The biggest surprise of 2012 may had been released two iPad revision in six months. Recently, the rumor shows that Apple will launch the fifth-generation iPad in March 2013. Source told that, the next new iPad will be like iPad mini in detail and be thinner and more lightweight. So the new iPad will be the most popular and convenient player for enjoying funny movies everywhere as Mac users. But iPad cannot support all video formats, such as AVI, HD video, Html 5 video etc. So you need a Mac Video Converter to help you convert these video files to the iPad supported formats such as MP4, M4V, MOV, etc. Kvisoft Video Converter for Mac can convert video/audio files to any needed video/audio formats on Mac (including OS X 10.8). Step by step to convert videos on Mac for iPad/iPhone: Step 1: Install and run Kvisoft Mac Video Converter. Free download the mac software, and install the video tool following instructions. When finished, double-click to run the conversion. Step 2: Import videos to video converter mac. Drag your media file to load videos. Batch conversion is allowed at one time. Step 3: Choose needed output format. Click Output Format, and you can convert videos to almost all portable media players. If you want to convert video to iPad mini on Mac, just choose iPad section and click iPad mini. Optional, trim and edit video. This video converter also allows you trim, clip, crop videos as your needs. If needed, adding video effects (cartoon, 3D Denoise, Gray, Black Border etc) is perfect. Step 4: Start conversion. Finally, click Convert button to start converting video and save it to the specified folder.
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